Rachael Zoe Miller - From Knee Deep In Plastic Garbage to Saving the World's Oceans

Tools For Nomads

Jan 18 2022 • 35 mins

Today’s guest, has, in her own words, devoted her life to protecting the world’s oceans and connect people to it….

She’s a scientist and archaeologist.who studied at Brown University, lives in Vermont.

Racheal Zoe Miller lives for everything water….in all its forms, in winter she’s skiing, moguls in particular, or riding her fat tire bike with spikes on it that grip ice or snow, in spring summer and fall she’s sailing, or wing-foiling, which involves handling a two-handed wing with a hydrofoil mounted on a short Stand Up Paddle board….

She has her 50-ton master captain’s license and captains a 60-foot sailing research vessel called the American Promise…Over the last 10 years, her company, the Rozalia Project has removed more than a million pieces of trash from waterways and inspired tens of thousands of people through direct programs.

Rachael is also an inventor, of The Cora Ball, the world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball. She is focused on protecting the ocean, specifically addressing the problem of marine debris through cleanup, prevention through education, embracing innovation and technology, and solutions-based research in urban and coastal waters from surface to seafloor.

She’s nuts, about water, that is….and even more so about keeping plastic and man made microfibers out of the water….where it literally kills countless sea creatures large and small.

One of Rachael’s early entrepreneurial businesses was giving shipwreck tours with ROV’s on Lake Champlain, using REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE….yes there are shipwrecks on Lake Champlain,....she taught snow kiting and stand up paddling…. All these experiences led to her current and ongoing endeavor, the ROSALIA PROJECT,

My recent conversation with Rachael began when I asked how she found her calling in life, and like so many creative and productive people I’ve met here on the podcast and beyond, I suggested that the path is never without surprising twists and turns, and as we follow our intuition, our heart, somehow, someway, what we were called to do finds us, just as much as we find it….

Here’s my conversation with Rachael Zoe Miller, picking up on the meandering spirit of a college student seeking her calling.