Seth Walker On Tour: Spirits Moving - Troubadour, Musician, Songwriter on Life On The Road

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Oct 29 2021 • 37 mins

Nothing really exemplifies life on the road and all the images that come along with it like a touring musician. It’s not all Leer jets and posh hotels, sold out auditoriums. Plain facts is that the music you hear pouring out of small bars and music houses, cafes come from people like you and me, passionate, driven, inspired….committed. They drive 8 hours from gig to gig, sleep in modest hotels - if they’re lucky. They set up their own drum kits and amplifiers, collect their cash after the gigs, get up the next morning and do it all over again.

Here's a bonafide troubadour. Seth Walker, touring since the mid 90’s, Seth is an American blues, guitarist singer songwriter….author, poet, painter…..has followed the song of his soul. He has 10 albums, wrote his own book during covid called YOUR VAN IS ON FIRE...poetry, art, anecdotes from life - he grew up on a commune - and on the road, like playing with Alain Toussaint, Willie Nelson...he’s chased the vibe his whole life, lived in New Orleans, Austin, Nashville...he wanted to eat, sleep, drink and breathe every single note he could possibly hear until it flowed through him, like osmosis.

You know that kind of musician when you hear one.

I caught up with Seth from his hotel room in Chicago. By now he’s probably half way to Minnesota where his next gig is.

Seth is more than the sum of his parts. His music is soulful, bright…., sometimes dense, ’’that’s his his song Inside, written during a trip to Cuba right after Fidel Castro died.


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Spirits Moving


Hard Road

We Got This

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