Episode #1: Shaun St Amour

Digital Climate Podcast

Feb 8 2022 • 39 mins

Welcome back to Series 2 of the BIM Academy’s Digital Climate Podcasts. In this episode Peter Barker is joined by Shaun St Amour, an Outreach and Education Associate with 475 High Performance Building Supply, in British Columbia, Canada.

As a champion of passive house and green building design, Shaun is an active member of the Global Passive House Happy Hour and Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech Programme. Shaun is considered an authority on low-energy design and is one of the more influential people in Canada on sustainable design.

Peter and Shaun discuss some of the creative ways innovation and digital technologies are converging in the built environment sector to address the climate emergency. Shaun is committed to preserving our plant and part of the process to do this is to build better, more energy efficient buildings.