12: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Landslide Victory in the House of Lords in the Wake of Sarah Everard & Analysis of the Atlanta Shooting

Crime Analyst

Mar 22 2021 • 55 mins

In this special report, Laura highlights many murders which may have been prevented if a serial domestic abuser and stalker register were in place, as well as behavioural analysis of the Atlanta shooting on March 16 2021. This special episode is in honour and memory of all the victims.
#SoonChung Park
Here are the 3 things you can do to help with the serial domestic abuser and stalker campaign:
1. WRITE TO / EMAIL  your Member of Parliament Ask that they support the inclusion of serial domestic abusers and stalkers on the database for violent and sexual offenders. State that public protection must be joined up and investment in the database, training and guidance are also urgently needed. Please include your own personal reason for why you think it is of vital importance Government do this and act now. You can include that since the first reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill 30 women have been murdered and so the clock is ticking whilst this continues to be debated and that femicide is an all-time high.
2. COMPLETE the Government's short online survey about Violence Against Women and Girls and ask that they prioritise and focus on perpetrators and male violence and serial and high harm domestic abusers and stalkers and that they are managed by the Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements Plus, which are statutory and must include specialist domestic abuse and stalking services:
3. REPOST / SHARE / SIGN my social media posts about Amendment 73 and campaign, Twitter @laurarichards99 and IG @laurarichards999  and SIGN the petition: