17: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | My Mum Was Shot Dead in Front Of Me: The Register Would Have Saved Her | Part 1

Crime Analyst

Apr 19 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

In this Special Report (Part 1 of 3) Laura interviews the inspiring and courageous 17-year-old Georgia Gabriel-Hooper, whose mother, Cheryl Gabriel-Hooper was shot dead in front of her by her former partner Andrew Hooper on January 26 2018.
Georgia was sat in the car late at night when Hooper appeared with a shot gun and killed her mum. Georgia is bravely sharing her story as she wants everyone to understand the warning signs of coercive control and stalking and the risks and dangers serial abusers pose to women and children.
Georgia is campaigning alongside Laura to ensure serial domestic abusers and stalkers are included on the same register as sex offenders and terrorists. Please support our campaign. Please share this important episode and amplify our voices, write to your Member of Parliament and ask that they support the campaign and sign the petition. Women and children’s lives depend on it.
Information on the Campaign and Link to the Petition
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