4 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Costco Hearing Aids | Kirkland Signature 10 Review

Tinnitus Relief

Mar 28 2022 • 12 mins

The Costco Kirkland Signature 10 hearing aids offer the most extraordinary value of any raw device on the market, though they are slightly offset by anecdotal reports of inconsistent professional services. In terms of the hearing aid itself, this is an exceptional device for the price of $1400. The Signature 10 is a white-labeled Phonak Paradise P90 RT, which is listed as the top overall hearing aid on the market elsewhere on this list and in our “Best of 2022” YouTube video.

It is a phenomenal all-around device, with a natural and clear sound quality in various environments, and all the most important features (specifically a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth for streaming, and a smartphone app). The trial period is 180 days, the longest available on the market, and the warranty is a respectable 2 years for loss and 3 years for repair. If you purchased the P90 in a traditional clinic, you could pay up to 500% more than the Costco price. However, it is a mistake to judge the Costco offering by the device alone. The expertise of the person working with you is of utmost importance, especially if you’ve never used a hearing aid before. In fact, the price of a traditional hearing aid typically includes audiology services for years; which makes up at least half of the overall cost.

Some users of Costco hearing aids report having great service performed by audiologists, while others had providers with less training or questionable expertise. We’ve heard of multiple accounts of long wait times for follow-up appointments, and sub-optimal care generally. It seems that in terms of the availability of expert audiologists and the quality of services, Costco is a mixed bag. All things considered though, the Costco Kirkland Signature 10 hearing aids are a great value. If you have a Costco nearby, they’re worth your consideration.