Consultancy 101, with Consulting Expert and Founder of The Upside, Erin Halper

The Mom's Career Guide

Sep 15 2021 • 51 mins

Have you ever considered starting your own consultancy business?  Are you clueless about how to get started?  If you answered yes, this is the episode for you!

Carla chats with consultancy expert and founder of The Upside, Erin Halper about all things consulting.

Not sure how to launch?  Unsure how to set your pricing?  Struggling with imposter syndrome?  This episode has got you covered, as Erin and Carla truly chat about all things consulting.

Erin's knowledge and expertise of the industry are 2nd to none, and she's answering all of Carla's questions about the consulting industry while encouraging others to launch their own consultancy using their unique special sauce and skill-set.

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