Getting Organized with professional organizer, Liz Oliver

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Feb 3 2021 • 22 mins

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Has your house ever needed an organization intervention?  Are you overwhelmed with the task of getting organized and struggling with where to start?

I have been all of the above, and 2021 is the year for getting organized in our household.

If you're like me you can get a system of organization in place, but then have trouble getting other members of the household to adopt the new organized life you have created.  Not only is this frustrating, but often feels like a huge waste of time.

This week, I'm speaking with professional organizer Liz Oliver of Norzanized (@norzanized), and she's offering up some amazing tips to get us on the right track.

While we're at it, she's also dishing up helpful advice on how we get our partners and children to "buy in" to all the organizing fun.