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Our Editor's Take

Voice of the Arts is a podcast about upcoming events in the Pittsburgh area. The show is a production of WQED. This PBS member station plays classical music for Southwestern Pennsylvania. It also broadcasts some of its programs on other PBS stations.

Voice of the Arts isn't a typical podcast. Episodes feature extended versions of stories aired on the radio station. Where there might only be time for a two- or three-minute conversation to air live, the podcast is a repository for the uncut version. This allows reporters to go into as much detail as they please. In this way, the interviews act as teasers for the upcoming events.

Journalists for WQED who report on arts events in the region are the hosts. Listeners will hear familiar voices, like that of Jim Cunningham and Anna Singer.

It's impossible to categorize the types of stories on Voice of the Arts. The show features cultural events of all types, so it's not limited to classical music. The podcast features other performing arts as well as fine art. For example, the reporters preview exhibits at the Heinz History Center. Klezmer musicians, brass bands, and poets get the podcast spotlight, too. The artists' enthusiasm when they talk about their own work is contagious. The series even talks about social justice songs in the field.

One episode features members of the theater group Squonk. They describe the giant musical instrument they built. Artists and staffers who take part in the Carnegie Museum of Art's Inside Out Night get one episode each. The show devotes an entire series to the League of American Orchestras conference. They talk to the executive director of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Voice of the Arts is a great resource for people wanting to know what's happening in Pittsburgh. The city and its surrounding region are brimming with cultural events. Because of the nature of the podcast, episodes vary in length. Some are as short as six minutes, while others are over 35 minutes long.

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