Ori Naftaly and Tierinii Jackson (Southern Avenue)


Apr 29 2022 • 1 hr 16 mins

Welcome to Roadcase!!  It's family affair for this episode with Ori Naftaly and Tierinii Jackson of Southern Avenue. This amazing grammy-nominated and Memphis-based band mixes soul, blues, R&B, rock and even some elements of jam-based music to their audiences in a joyous explosion of positivity.  Bringing their beautiful message of  empowerment, self-affirmation, unity and love, Ori and Tierinii blend their unique roots from opposite corners of the globe into a mix of musical influences that ultimately lands them squarely at the heart of the American Contemporary Blues experience. Ori, who grew up in Israel, came to Memphis where he met Tierinii and formed a professional and ultimately personal partnership that flourishes to this day.  Southern Avenue, as they like to say, is a true melting pot of different experiences, backgrounds, and cultures creating a unique musical experience for their multitude of fans worldwide. So climb aboard the Roadcase bus for this multicultural musical journey and learn more about this family affair with Ori Naftaly and Tierinii Jackson. It's gonna be a great ride!

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Theme music:  "Eugene (Instrumental)" by Waltzer