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Building a Successful Company and Navigating Challenges with Anthony Clervi, CEO at Una
4d ago
Building a Successful Company and Navigating Challenges with Anthony Clervi, CEO at Una
In this episode of the Lifelong Customer Podcast, host Brad Hammond sits down with Anthony Clervi, CEO of Una, to delve into the world of group purchasing and procurement. Anthony shares his journey as a Midwestern entrepreneur, growing his company over the past 10 years and providing valuable insights along the way.They discuss the typical challenges companies face when it comes to managing costs and expenses, and how Una helps organizations save money in their indirect spending through strategic procurement practices. Anthony emphasizes the importance of alignment between members and supplier partners, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.The conversation turns to the art of growing a company, with Anthony offering advice on building a successful team, defining roles, and the power of focus. He shares the statistics on small businesses and revenue milestones, highlighting the need for self-awareness as a leader and understanding the complementary skills required to accelerate growth.As an active LinkedIn user, Anthony shares his approach to content creation and its role in establishing Una as a forward-thinking and educational resource in the industry. He stresses the value of LinkedIn as a platform and the opportunities it offers for professional growth and brand building.Brad and Anthony delve into the challenges faced by CEOs, including the legal and people-related aspects of running a business, and how self-care and a focus on well-being play a vital role in overcoming these challenges.Reflecting on his journey, Anthony offers advice to his younger self, emphasizing the importance of patience, maintaining a positive mindset, and embracing opportunities as they come.The episode concludes with Anthony discussing a pivotal moment in Una's history when they had to pivot their business strategy. He shares insights into the decision-making process and the lessons learned from taking bold steps to refocus and find success in a different direction.Tune in to this enlightening conversation with Anthony Clervi as he shares his experiences and valuable advice on building a successful company, navigating challenges, and embracing growth opportunities.