Tappa's Keyboard Technology: Improving User Experience and Monetizing Mobile Apps with Leo Giel, Tappa

The Life-Long Customer

May 8 2023 • 12 mins

Leo Giel, CEO of Tappa, joins Brad Hammond on the Lifelong Customer Podcast to discuss how his company's human-first technology approach has helped bridge the gap between consumers and businesses.

Tappa provides mobile app publishers with their keyboard technology, which allows brands to engage with their customers without interrupting their user experience. This technology also enables brands to have their own brand on a keyboard and connect with their consumers daily, thus increasing user engagement and lifetime value.

In this podcast, Leo shares his entrepreneurial journey and how his experience in mobile content distribution and advertising led him to the idea behind Tappa. He also touches on how Tappa's technology revolutionizes the advertising industry by allowing app publishers to monetize their users with a more seamless engagement mechanism than traditional advertising.