Startup Hustle Andrew Morgans on Amazon #150

My Amazon Guy

Feb 1 2021 • 45 mins

Andrew Morgans hosts the Startup Hustle podcast, runs Marknology, an Amazon brand accelerator, and has also bought a couple of Amazon brands himself. Andrew grew up as the son of a pastor and has done countless retail jobs hustling through his life. Andrew grew up as a red head kid in Africa, blue collar worker in a white collar job today.

Definition of an entrepernuer "Have to create something out of nothing."

Bought 2 small Amazon brands.

Failed launching some products.

Keep optimizing. Amazon is an iterative platform.

Amazon is a proactive platform.

Advertising is highly connected to SEO and catalog work.

Conversion tip - Open to outside feedback.

Wide open book. Founder of Marknology, so have lots of Amazon stories to tell. Have been working in this space for 9 years.

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