4 Steps to launch a podcast that will skyrocket your business with Rosemarie Callender

Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons

Mar 29 2023 • 47 mins


The biggest mistake new podcasters make is thinking the first step is buying a mic. Before you hit that "buy" button for a shiny new mic, you need to know the crucial steps that come before hitting record.

Recording your podcast only comes after you figure out your podcasting purpose, content strategy, and systems. In this episode, podcast launch strategist Rosemarie Callender walks you through 4 steps to launching a podcast that will grow your business.

Get ready to uncover how podcasting can transform your content creation process, improve your speaking skills, and unlock a whole new audience.

What we discussed

(00:00) Is starting a podcast hard?

(01:20) How to start a podcast OR What matters more than your mic OR What matters more than podcast tech

(03:17) 3 steps to get leads by podcasting

(07:24) Why most podcasts fail

(11:17) Automating your podcast

(13:12) Is starting a podcast expensive?

(17:28) Getting your show on Apple & Spotify

(19:01) Equipment you need to record your podcast

(21:10) Do you need a jingle?

(24:11) Mistakes new podcasters make

(27:51) Best way to market your podcast

(32:37) How to align your podcast with your business

(36:42) How many listeners will you get?

(42:12) 4 steps to start a podcast

3 podcasting tips:

  1. Before figuring out podcast tech, you must figure out your podcast purpose. Do you want to podcast to grow your leads? Make content creation easier? Become a more confident speaker?
  2. 80% of new podcasts fail because they slowly die out around episode 7. The best way not to fall into that trap is by setting up systems and processes that keep you consistent.
  3. If a lead contacts you with a question, you should have a podcast that answers their question. If you don’t it’s your sign to schedule and create that episode.


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