Raise Your Prices by Leveling Up Your Personal Brand with Designer Kayleigh Lloyd, Lloyd Creative

Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons

Dec 10 2022 • 26 mins

You might be too shy to connect with people online or too frightened to raise your prices because your personal brand isn’t doing you justice. A weak personal brand undercuts your income. Leveling up your personal brand makes you look professional, feel trustworthy, and become memorable.

Brand designer Kayleigh Lloyd explains how you can start creating a personal brand that you can proudly flaunt!

(12:29) “ If you are feeling a little anxious about showing up, then maybe you just need to dig a bit deeper into understanding who you are, how you want to show up, and how you want to be perceived by people. Once you really understand who you are, and how you want to do things, then things become a lot easier.”

Kayleigh Lloyd

3 ways to start creating a powerful personal brand (tune in for more tips):

1. Understanding who you are: identify what makes you special, your values, and what makes you who you are.

2. Take your time in finding out what your values are: If you come up with your values too quickly, you risk coming up with values that are too generic like “authentic” and “honest”. You want to find values that other people won’t typically use to describe themselves.

3. Let go of trying to show up online the way other people do: You don’t have to be like others in your field. When you relax and own who you are, you find clients who connect with you on a human level. Your ideal clients will have similar traits to you - be yourself to find out who is like you.


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