LinkedIn Content Strategy For Empaths and Sensitive Women With Jen Corcoran

Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons

Dec 10 2022 • 29 mins

One Halloween, Jen decided she was going to call out all the BS on LinkedIn like sleazy DMs and robotic posts - just as a joke. She called it “LinkedIn Horror Stories”. The next day, 10 different people scheduled sales calls with her. How come?

She replaced professionalism with personality, and it worked - in this episode, she explains why it worked and how you can follow in her footsteps of finding clients on LinkedIn.

Jen Corcoran is an award-winning LinkedIn consultant for female coaches, consultants, and trainers.

“ I think so many people, they don't show up as human. They're like “Ooh, I've heard LinkedIn's great for sales. I'm gonna go on it like Amazon and just ping it out.” And it doesn't work like that.”

Jen Corcoran

From the show:

3 things to start doing on LinkedIn today:

1. Go rogue and bring your real self to LinkedIn. If you’re generic, no one can connect with you on a deeper level. Find out who you are and what comes naturally to you, then go all in on being yourself - that’s how you make LinkedIn content creation easier and funner. You’ll repel the wrong people, and attract the ones that want more of you being you.

2. Who are your people? Figure out who your core audience really is so that you can bring them the content they’re looking for. You want to discover what your audience wants in their own words. Use surveys or interviews to understand your people deeply.

3. Don’t fixate on what type of content you should create on LinkedIn. Instead, fixate on what type of content you can’t wait to create. The format doesn’t matter, the substance does.

Memorable moments:

  • (03:26) “I'm always myself and not afraid to bring myself to comments, but for some reason I was in my head about my actual content. I was in that professional mode. And don't get me wrong, it is good, like it does resonate with some people, but I just decided I had to bring all of myself to the table.”

  • (21:08) When leaving people DMs and comments: “it should never be about you. It always should be about how you are interrupting their day in a positive way”

  • (24:12) “You could have 200 connections - and if they are quality and the right people, you will generate leads as a business owner because it will be about referrals, getting introductions, and tapping into their network.”


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