Breaking LinkedIn rules to build a business with Lea Turner

Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons

Apr 17 2023 • 39 mins

If you say tattooed LinkedIn queen, most people will know you’re talking about Lea Turner who made her mark on the platform by doing everything she “wasn’t supposed” to do. Defying LinkedIn’s “professional standards” afforded Lea a new house, high income, and the freedom to be with her son while doing work she loves. In this episode, she shares parts of her journey all the way from how spending time in chat rooms as a teenager refined her content skills to why one of her posts blew up to 2 million views.

“There was no ulterior motive and I think people realised that - people don't go on LinkedIn to buy, they're there to market themselves and their own business. Most of the time, they're not thinking I want to buy from this person. So I was just building relationships” (08:08)

What we discussed

(00:00) How did Lea Turner become so successful?

(03:02) Lea before LinkedIn

(04:25) Why LinkedIn?

(05:39) Content litmus test

(06:57) How chat rooms improved her content

(07:53) Socialising vs. selling on LinkedIn

(09:49) Lea’s different social media channels

(12:17) Unexpectedly controversial posts

(19:33) Lea the brand vs. other Leas

(22:13) Being an introvert vs. throwing epic parties

(25:49) Managing her schedule

(27:52) Private community and online courses

(30:03) Getting a celebrity client

(30:59) Generating content ideas

(32:44) WORST LinkedIn mistake

(34:46) Time spent on marketing weekly

3 tips to make networking fun:

1. Listen to your instincts when creating content: are you creating something you would have fun consuming?

2. As you are consuming content, find inspiration: have a curation system where you store content that inspires you or provokes you to come up with innovative thoughts and ideas.

3. “if you are only ever going to consume you might be learning stuff, but the minute you start engaging with people - that's when the opportunities start to happen.” (33:41)


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