UnMic'd - Rockin' with the Doc-Stars

Arizona Opera Podcast

Jul 27 2021 • 55 mins

Top performers in fields that require great physical feats—whether they are on the opera stage or the football field—rely on the best guidance from the ever-growing field of medicine in order to keep them functioning at the highest level. In this episode of UnMic’d, host Joe Specter is joined by renowned New York otolaryngologist Dr. Gwen Korovin, who keeps many of the world's top entertainers in good voice, and Dr. Michael Lee, the former head team physician and orthopedic surgeon for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals. Join Arizona Opera, as Dr. Korovin and Dr. Lee discuss with Joe their passion for treating high performers in their respective fields, how they achieve high performance themselves every day, and what formative experiences in their youth drove each physician to their specialty. It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes discussion of the life of the medical professionals that help make great athleticism—on the stage and on the field—possible for the enjoyment of the ardent fans of opera and sports alike. Find the blurry edge with us once again on this episode of UnMic’d!