First Drop

Thomas Saker & Aaron Monro

Uncovering the tales, stories and legends of country cricketers throughout Victoria and Australia.
Kay Raglus, Bronwyn Tossol, Patricia Saker & Ros Gale - 50th Episode SpecialWally Armstrong - King W.JGary Hannett - The man from NavarreLinton Jacobs - The WizardGavin Bowles - The great man from White HillsRobert Saker - The early developerRohan Larkin - Tic Tocs for TeaPeter Brady - Where are the stumps?Terry Cameron - Can I tell you a story?Heath Behrens - Bulk runsGeoff Phillips - The man from TatyoonPeter Raglus - First on the busJamie Siddons - Backswing BasicsAsh Gilbert - What's a reprobate?Phil Hetherington - The MonstrosityCraig Howard - The Spin DoctorPeter Tossol - Flamboyant SandwichesMerv Hughes - If you can't remember it, it didn't happenMiggy Podosky - One day it will just clickKen Cousins - The Delatite Legend