TLC Todd-versations Presents Healthy Family Project with Amanda Keefer

TLC Todd-versations

May 17 2022 • 59 mins

Cause marketing, a healthier food world, impacting future generations, and doing well by doing good, what organization comes to mind? If you said Healthy Family Project, ding, ding, ding- you got it in one. Listen as Todd chats with Amanda Keefer, managing director of Healthy Family Projec on a myriad of subjects about everything from her stint at NASA, finding ways to connect families with their food, lifestyle choices, and why wouldn’t you, Elon Musk. The brainchild of John Shuman, a visionary and example of how to live your life with purpose, Healthy Family Project- originally named Produce for Kids, grew from his concern and care for his fellow men, women, and children. At its heart, HFP is all about making a difference for the planet and the people that steward its future with information, education, and better-for-you food brands.