TLC Todd-versations Presents Todd-Bits with Phil Gruszka of AYO Almond Yogurt

TLC Todd-versations

May 5 2022 • 33 mins

Todd-versations is excited to introduce you to AYO almond yogurt. AYO yogurt is the brainchild of the Billings family, fourth-generation California almond farmers. As Todd heard from Phil Gruska, seeking ways to expand market penetration of their exceptional organic almonds, AYO was born as part of their forward-thinking, farm-to-spoon, good-for-you vertically integrated company. 80% of the world’s almond supply comes from California, but the Billings family wanted a vehicle to showcase their love and care for their almonds. Their AYO yogurt is pure goodness, makes you smile when you eat it, and obviously, return for more.