Drippings from the Honeycomb: The sweetness of God’s Word one verse at a time.

Another12 Ministries

Do you think Bible is boring? King David, in one of his psalms, said the Scriptures were so sweet they were like "drippings from the honeycomb." Perhaps it's time that we take a few minutes out of our busy lives and look at the Bible through fresh eyes! Join us on a weekly journey to find these "sweet drippings" as we walk through the books of the Bible by studying selected key verses through which we can glimpse the whole theme of each book! We will look at stories you might not have heard before, talk about the real people and places behind each of these verses, see how one verse can connect to many others across the entire Bible, and learn to see the beauty of God's sovereign plan which is woven through every page of His Word.

Even A Little Is Too Much!!! (Matthew 16:6)No Need Too Small (Matthew 15:32)The Antithesis of Faith (Matthew 14:31)Hidden! (Matthew 13:35)Words, Words, Words (Matthew 12:37)Without an Excuse (Matthew 11:23)Dust and Sorrow (Matthew 10:14)New Into Old? (Matthew 9:17)An Unexpected Witness (Matthew 8:29)Believers Beware! (Matthew 7:15)Stop Running! (Matthew 6:32)Unsalty Salt (Matthew 5:13)Now, Not Later! (Matthew 4:20)Bugs, Honey, and Prophecy (Matthew 3:3)Understandable Revelation (Matthew 2:5)Imperfect People/Perfect Plan (Matthew 1:3)Welcome to Drippings from the Honeycomb