Rob Aspinall

Can the 'bad guy' be the hero? Charlie Cobb is known in the underworld as 'Breaker'. He's the guy the bosses send in to enforce mob rule. The gangland bogeyman even the scariest criminals are afraid of. But could all this be about to change? After his teenage daughter, Cassie, makes him swear off his life of crime, Cobb finds himself on one last job, faced by a life and death choice: Pull the trigger on young murder witness, Danny Platt? Or defy orders and go up against vicious kingpin, Ivan Rudenko? Whatever Cobb decides, there will most definitely be blood. Breaker is an action-packed show full of dry wit, dubious morals and reluctant heroics. Strap in for a white-knuckle ride with the baddest new good guy on the block. read less