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Feb 17 2021
2 mins
Episode 12 - The Role of a Mentor with Andrew KingEpisode 11 - Supporting Female Technologists and Founders with Helen Tabunshchyk and Zoe EvansEpisode 10 - Ongoing Security Testing with Independent Security Evaluator's Ted HarringtonEpisode 09 - The Future of Meetups with Dennis McCarthyEpisode 08 - Robotics, localisation, and mapping with SLAMcore's Owen NicholsonEpisode 07 - Incident Management with incident.io's Chris EvansEpisode 06 - Securing Medical Devices with Scope's Mike MurrayEpisode 05 - Building reliable systems at Ziglu with Matt Huxtable and Dean BruntEpisode 04 - Exploring Cybersecurity Careers with Bhaumik ShahEpisode 03 - NFTs with Trustology's Alex BatlinEpisode 02 - Ethical Hacking with ISE's Ted HarringtonEpisode 01 - Promoting Women in Tech with Nilo RahmaniIntroduction