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May 21 2022: Boeing starliner launch, domestic terrorism act and Biden Korea visitMay 20 2022: Disinformation board pause, Republican Musk and monkeypox outbreakMay 19 2022: Tijuana-San Diego drug tunnel, Starbucks abortion support and US hypersonic missileMay 18 2022: UFO hearings, Mariupol surrender and US Somalia deploymentMay 17 2022: Mass shootings in both Buffalo and MilwaukeeMay 14 2022: Musk Twitter buy on hold, Turkey doesn’t want Finland or Sweden in NATOMay 13 2022: Finland says yes to NATO, 20 shot in Chicago and Arizona executes prisonerMay 12 2022: Lawyer paid $2M Hunter Biden bill, Musk may lift Trump Twitter ban and Israel accused of shooting journalistMay 11 2022: Taiwan gives up on COVID eradication while stocks and Bitcoin slideMay 10 2022: Today’s predicted big Putin announcement was all hypeMay 7 2022: FDA limits J&J vaccine use over blood clot risk and WHO attributes 15M deaths to COVIDMay 6 2022: US helping kill Russian generals, Starbucks raises pay only for non-union workersMay 5 2022: Trump-backed candidates win and Europeans get fatterMay 4 2022: Leak suggests Roe v. Wade to be overturned while abortion rights group double downMay 3 2022: Bird flu in Colorado and violence in West Bank, Afghanistan, France and UkraineApril 30 2022: US vows to restrict disinformation and arrest Virgin Island premierApril 29 2022: Good news for Meta, Truth Social and Bitcoin but bad news for reptilesApril 28 2022: US to stop lightbulbs and Russia to stop gasApril 27 2022: Private astronauts land safely and North Korea vows to bolster its nukesApril 26 2022: Musk to buy Twitter, Macron reelected, and Orrin Hatch dies