May 6 2022: US helping kill Russian generals, Starbucks raises pay only for non-union workers

Improve the News

May 6 2022 • 23 mins

Facts & spin for May 6 2022 top stories: US intelligence is reportedly helping Ukraine kill Russian generals, Finns & Swedes get security assurances en route to NATO, North Korea allegedly fires a ballistic missile, Biogen distances itself from its controversial Alzheimer drug, Starbucks will raise wages only for non-union workers, Intuit will pay $141M over misleading free tax-filing ads, the FED announces the biggest interest rate hike since 2000, a judge accepts Derek Chauvin's plea deal, an oath keepers member pleads guilty over January 6, and an NFL player is suspended over performance-enhancing drugs.   Sources: https://www.improvethenews.org/