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Lincoln: Divided We Stand


Lincoln: Divided We Stand is a six-part series that looks at the remarkable life and unexpected journey of Abraham Lincoln. Narrated by Sterling K. Brown. This is an audio-only version of the CNN Original Series broadcast. read less

Our Editor's Take

Lincoln, Divided We Stand is a captivating podcast that talks about the life of one of America's most iconic presidents. This limited-episode series takes listeners on an unexpected journey. The show talks about Abraham Lincoln's remarkable life and legacy.

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown narrates the Lincoln, Divided We Stand podcast. This is the audio version of a CNN series about the 16th president. The show offers a fresh perspective on Lincoln's story. The six episodes talk about the key moments of his life. It discusses his early years as a struggling lawyer. The podcast also examines his rise to political power before the Civil War.

The podcast includes interviews with historians and experts in their fields. Lincoln, Divided We Stand also has dramatic reenactments. Actors portray key figures such as Frederick Douglass and Mary Todd Lincoln. The show gives an intimate look at how these events shaped a nation. It also shows what Lincoln was like, both as a man and as a president.

Listeners get transported back in time with this podcast. The show tells listeners about pivotal moments. Those include the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. Fans will also gain insight into lesser-known aspects about President Lincoln's personal struggles. Lincoln, Divided We Stand explains the depression which he battled throughout much of his adult life. The show also tells the tragedies around Lincoln's life. Those include the loss of a son. The podcast explains how John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, shocking a nation.

Lincoln, Divided We Stand is an engaging way to learn more about American history. It is also an inspiring podcast. It helps teach people about someone who overcame adversity against all odds. Each episode is around 45 minutes long.

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