How To Feel Your Best During Menopause with Nurse Paula Stuart

Living At Your Finest

Apr 29 2022 • 33 mins

My wonderful guest, Registered Nurse Paula Stuart managed her menopause symptoms naturally. She completed training in holistic well-being in ways to support menopause naturally involving diet, exercise, and meditation and now supports health care professionals on ways to transition naturally.

Menopause isn't an illness but a period of transition, if embraced appropriately with the right information you can begin to LIVE AT YOUR FINEST 💃🕺

In this episode: How To Feel Your Best During Menopause with Nurse Paula Stuart, you will discover:
✨ The different stages of menopause and the hormonal changes.
✨ The ways to increase your energy, improve your sleep, and reduce your stress.

Stay in Touch with Registered Nurse Stuart:
IG: @Thrivewithmenopause

I hope this episode helps to get you closer to feeling better in whichever stage of menopause you are in.   Please share this episode if you know anyone that would benefit from this information. #healthiertogether and #sharingiscaring

Cheers to a Healthy Transition. 🥂

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