Myriam Glez + Lee Povey | Co-Founders, Coaches Soul

Be [Hu]man.™

Jul 1 2022 • 41 mins

Myriam Glez and Lee Povey are the Co-Founders of Coaches Soul: A platform aimed to support "Sports Coaches on their journey from surviving to thriving!" Together, they have 50 years of coaching experience which spans from youth athletics to the professional and olympic level.

The mission? To educate and support sports coaches and create a community of forward-thinking coaches who are especially attentive to their own development and well-being of all those around them.

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Welcome to perfor[Hu]mance.® A multidimensional space for The Human Experience.

The platform presents preFORM: Prepare to Perform. A podcast created to explore the inner workings of high-profile performers. Conversations reveal what separates them from the average [Hu]man.

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