[Solo Sesh] Negative? Or Just Being Realistic?

The Embodied Baddie Podcast

May 3 2023 • 31 mins

Are you mistaking negativity for realism? Do you think positive people are toxic because they don’t validate your negative experience?

In today’s episode, Chrystal Rose explains the difference between being negative, realistic, and toxically positive, and where the ideal spot is among all three. When things are going wrong we tend to get stuck in our negativity, which subconsciously invites in more negativity that we then just accept as our reality. Being positive doesn’t mean bypassing hard times or putting a bandaid over a bullet wound, but instead moving into a better reality by tapping energetically into a feeling of excitement and abundance.

In today’s episode, Chrystal will discuss making decisions from abundance and excitement instead of fear, moving through emotions without attaching a story, and standing up when you’re drowning in two feet of water.


• “We look for the people who are experiencing the same thing we are, and we are pissed off at the people who are happy-go-lucky. Sunshine, flowers, unicorns, roses, all of that, right? We say, ‘This is toxic.” (6:48-7:02 | Chrystal)

• “When you're scared and when you're in this space, the decisions you make are not going to be made out of love and abundance. They're going to be made out of fear and scarcity.” (9:54-10:09 | Chrystal)

• “That is the important part, my realistic friends: not attaching a story…We need to release that, have the emotion, feel the emotion, move through the emotion, and then let's shift into something higher.” (13:34-14:01 | Chrystal)

• “If this is your worst case scenario anyway, why not try something different and new? Why not do the thing that you really, really want to do? Instead of doing all the things based in fear?” (15:09-15:19 | Chrystal)

• “I am responsible for my emotions and my actions. I am the only person who's going to get me to where I want to go. No one is coming to save me. No one is going to drag me there. I have to do it. I have to be the one.” (27:08-27:26 | Chrystal)

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