A VO's Journey: Voiceover and more voice over

Anthony Pica

A VO's Journey is about helping new voiceover artists grow their business by listening to my journey to becoming a full-time voice actor. I have been an actor, coach, director, and teacher for over 20 years. I started two years ago in the voice-over industry and wanted to create a way to document my journey so other voice over actors could benefit from it. Voiceover is now my life, and I love every moment of it.
Ep. 1: A Guide for the Beginning Voice Over ArtistEp. 2: How to set up your recording booth for voice overEp. 3: What mic DAW and equipment you need to recordEp. 4: INCREDIBLE VOICE-OVER ACTING COACHING EPISODEEp. 5: Want More Voiceover Work ... FOCUS Your EffortsEp. 6: Stop listening to the BS and Win at VoiceoverEp. 7: Voiceover Coaching and FiverrEp 8: How To Get Attention As A Voiceover ArtistEp 9: DON'T BE AFRAID TO EAT SHIT TO WIN IN VOICEOVEREp. 10: HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN DEMOEp. 11: How To Find Your Voice Over NicheEp 12: How to Create a Business Plan for Voice OverEp. 13: Heightened Life in your PerformanceEp. 14: 3 Quick Ways to Make Money in Voice OverEp. 15: How to Get Voice Over Business Like the ProsEp. 16: Interview with the acclaimed Brent Hagel
Nov 27 2018
50 mins
A VOs Journey Ep 17: The Three Plugins To Make Your Voice Overs Sound AmazingA VO's Journey Ep 18: How To Deliver An Amazing Voice Over PerformanceAVOs Journey Episode 19: The Importance of Being Brief In MarketingA VOs Journey Ep 20: How To Get More Voice Over Business