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Conversations with some of the best coaches, mentors and therapists from around the world to talk about the power of coaching, growth and change. In these open and relaxed podcast shows, I explore how coaching offers real transformations for you, your life and business and talk to coaches and experts who are really making a difference in their field.COACH invites a wide variety of guests to share their knowledge, personal insights, their stories about their journeys. Find out how they got to where they are today and how you can set your own path and direction for change and success to achieve your goals and dreams. Host : Teresa Brooks, AC Credited Business Coach, NLP Practitioner & founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast. COACH is a dedicated online digital publication showcasing professional coaches and is a valuable resource for the (currently unregulated) coaching industry. A place to read articles, find professional and verified coaches to work with and training to become a coach with partner The Academy of Coaching and Training. Teresa is a Business & Mindset Coach, Sales Expert and NLP Practitioner who works with ambitious females coaches to helping them learn the art of connective selling to grow successful and profitable values-based business.
Integrity and Ethics in Coaching with Gemma Went
I'm delighted to introduce the first podcast of 2022, with my guest, the award-winning  entrepreneur,  Online Business Mentor, Certified Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner Gemma Went. We delve into Gemma's thoughts on integrity and ethics within the coaching industry and the importance of honesty in our messaging and delivering on our promises as coaches.She has a unique mix of business-smarts, psychological-insight, mindset coaching skills, energy editing knowledge, digital-mastery and intuition so has all the important stuff covered.Gemma has earned her stripes over 20 years of business success and she delivers tried, tested and true. She has always been vocal about the industry and, as an introvert, how does she experience this noisy industry?"My mission is to activate thousands of women and help them create a wildly successful business as I empower them to 'Be The Lighthouse™' they were destined to be."We talk about the direction her business has taken and why she believes the best kind of coaching combines the conscious and subconscious and how she has stepped into her own spiritual path more. Gemma is known for many things: Business Coach, Online Business Mentor, Growth Strategist, Mindset Coach, Energy Practitioner to name a few - but what she truly is, is a master of the online business world. This year, she founded the Lighthouse Business Academy, which helps service-based business owners turn their big ideas into reality through accredited, results-focused training and programs.https://gemmawent.co.uk/
Jan 4 2022
50 mins
Raghav Parkash -  A New Culture of Leadership
Teresa is joined by Raghav Parkash for a conversation about new leadership. How do leaders inspire the people around them and how can we all lead well?We talk about the passion, skills and desire that creates impact and be the best for yourself and others. What does it take to take the reigns as an entrepreneur to lead and commit to being better. Raghav talks about 'leaders without a title' being in every walk of life.We talk about the political space and  leadership styles and how we want leaders with humanity that we can resonate with. A culture has been created where there can be a lack of humanity within the political world that can lead to poor decisions and an closed leadership style, not to mention a risk of mental health impact.  Raghav is passionate about bringing coaching to the political space to break the stigma and to impact all realms of leadership to offer a new route towards a foward thinking culture. What is the sign of a great decision maker? How can coaching impact and benefit political leaders? Could this be the change we need in today's world?Leadership is all about relating to each others and knowing how to really access yourself before you can access the co-operation and buy in of others.  _________Raghav is an Executive and Life Coach who works to understand the very principles that drive high performance for visionary leaders in their business, life and career.Through his coaching practice, seminars and workshops, he has worked with thousands of people rangng from CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Therapists, Lawyers, Bankers and Coaches.To find out more about Raghav, visit:www.raghavparkash.comhttps://twitter.com/raghavparkashhttps://www.instagram.com/raghavparkash/
Dec 10 2021
51 mins
Men and Mental Health with George ZielinskiThe Path to Conscious Living with Jennifer McKenzie
Teresa is joined by Jennifer Mckenzie,  The Conscious Living Coach, Spiritual Mentor and  owner of Luna Spirit Wellbeing, a holistic treatment centre and an online coaching practice The Conscious Living Coach which supports people globally.In this episode she candidly and openly shares her difficult journey to where she is today, the demons she has faced and overcome, how drug and alcohol abuse led her to being homeless and then to attempting to take her own life. When  recovering, she was inspired in a very unusual way to survive, live her life and help others and that's exactly what she's done and it's her determination and soul connection that kept her following the way and now she helps people transform their lives just like she did is the driving force behind her businesses. Drawing on her own challenging personal journey, Jen works with individuals who are outwardly achieving but have a lingering sense that something is missing. Women who want more out of life but don't know how to get there. Women who give so much of themselves to others but neglect their own needs and have reached burnout. Jen teaches women how to love and accept themselves fully, make a complete mindset overhaul and learn how to become a spiritual badass - just like her!Jen has 18yrs experience as a holistic therapist and reiki practitioner in the wellbeing industry and believes in having a holistic approach with all her clients focusing on the whole person to help them get to the deeper root of the issue. Jen is passionate about the mind, body and spiritual connection and specialises in self-sabotage, anxiety, confidence, mindset and transformation, also working as an Anxiety release practitioner, life coach and spiritual mentor. https://lunarspiritwellbeing.com/https://www.facebook.com/jenconsciouslivingcoach
Oct 10 2021
57 mins
The Overwhelmed Leader - Kate Davies
Why do successful entrepreneurs reach a point of overwhelm and what are the first steps to moving forward?Kate gives us her insight into why business owners can hit a ceiling and a feeling of exhaustion, even when they're reaching the point of seeing real success. How can you manage the overwhelm and being on that brink of growth where you wonder 'Can I really do this?' all the time. When you feel frazzled, the constant self talk and 'mind monkeys' rise up, this can be exactly the time to look to grow and expand and let the old stories and the old version of you go.Self-doubt and sabotage are big players when it's time to uplevel and it doesn't have to stay this way as there is no creativity without vulnerability. This vulnerabilty can cause feelings of exposure that can make you feel exhausted and you might feel like it's falling apart when it's really coming together!What's the balance between being self-led and needing leadership from others?How important is it to implement your self-care and use your energy wisely?All this and more as I discuss and debate with Kate and shine the light for women to move forward and rise up to meet their own dreams. Kate Davis is a business leadership mentor, an ICF certified coach, a business architect and change manager with 25 years of experience in mentoring and leading teams.https://www.katedavis.nethttps://www.facebook.com/katedaviscoachhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/katedaviscoach/Your Host, Teresa Brooks is a transformational Business & Mindset coach and founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast. She helps women to upgrade their mindset and break through their self-doubts and limiting beliefs to create new confidence to build and grow their business. Teresa teaches a coaching approach to sales to help women learn how to sell with success and integrity, how to be confident with sales and money conversations and how to recognise and embody their self-belief and worth. www.teresabrookscoaching.comwww.coach-magazine.comwww.linkedin/
Sep 13 2021
42 mins
From a Masculine World to Feminine Success  - with Sonya Morton Firth
Sonya Morton Firth Sonya is an accredited Executive Coach, working with entrepreneurs and CEOs to enhance their performance and she has reinvented herself several times and in this fascintating podcast we talk about her journey from being a corporate career woman working in the fast-paced masculine world of finance to becoming an entrepreneur.  Sonya talks about the challenges of balancing her ambition to achieve success with her own wellbeing.After working in the world driven by a masculine energy, Sonia was as a 'Sales in the City' woman for 20 years.  Travelling the world, she was constantly striving and hustling to make the targets. Working hard meant more money and operating in a particular identity that served others and denied emotions, she lost sight of who she truly was and during her entrpreneurial journey has rediscovered her own energy and feminine identity. We talk about the energy of the masculine drivers and how to balance that with the equally powerful feminine energy for success and how Sonya went on realise who she was as a person and she transitoned from corporate to establish a health and fitness brand that led her to where she is now. True success is not always what you think and Sonya talks about how her definition of success has changed,  how she has changed her view of money and how she sees time as the most valuable asset we have.  Passionate about mind, body and mindset, she has reinvented the way she does business and the way she lives her life.  She hosts her own show and podcast The Sonya Morton Firth Show.Listen to the Sonya Morton Firth Podcast:SpotifyPodbeanAppleStitcher https://www.facebook.com/thesonyamortonfirthshowhttps://www.instagram.com/thesonyamortonfirthshowhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sonya-morton-firth https://www.youtube.com/thesonyamortonfirthshow
Aug 20 2021
48 mins
Online Success for Introverts - with Emma Louise ParkesMasculine Embodiment and Healing for Growth - with Chris Marhefka
Chris Marhefka facilitates transformation by opening hearts, expanding minds, & giving people permission to be their most authentic self.  He creates life-changing experiences in emotional healing, inner-child work, somatic experiencing, breathwork, masculine embodiment, relationship and communication coaching, men’s development, and leadership mentoring.In this up front and personal podcast, we dive deep into what stops men from exploring and expressing their emotions and why that can be so hard for them to even start doing this work.What is the turning point for a man to realise there is deeper work to be done and that his life is not the way he wants? Chris shares his own journey of discovery and talks about how difficult it is for men to be seen and heard in this way with the deeper constructs of society and expectations.He also explains that taking control and finding a safe space for this journey is key to the transformation process and being able to really open up and clear the debris to become a new person who is healing and learning but is truthful to their authentic selves. Chris is the CEO and Facilitator at Training Camp for the Soul and Founder and Facilitator of Embodied Man, Mens Leadership retreats and has 15 years of experience as a coach in health, mindset, leadership, business, and healing, and over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, growing and selling two, 7 figure companies. https://www.chrismarhefka.com/https://www.instagram.com/chrismarhefka/https://www.facebook.com/trainingcampforthesoul
Jul 30 2021
54 mins
Compassionate Assertiveness for Female Leaders - with Jodie Salt
In this fascinating episode with a wonderful leader, Jodie Salt, we explore the difference between women who are Assertive and women who are  Bossy in the workplace.  Why does this happen and how can women be assertive at the same time as being kind, compassionate and  feminine?How can women step into confidence and maintain their roles well without suffering stress and especially during more difficult times and peri-menopause. What happens when women have a lack of female role models in their industry?Fight or flight mode can be triggered in women. When they feel backed into a corner, challenged or have lots of inner talk then the Alpha female emerges - but this is often a struggle and doesn't feel good.Building the considersation and courage to communication can really help to soothe this element and help women to be really confident in themsleves.  Also the question of identity and some women can feel like they are lost themselves along the way...How can women be vulnerable and open-minded and hold their viewpoint without feeling the 'battle'? Jodie is a qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor. With 20+ years corporate experience she now runs her own coaching practice specialising in helping women to reconnect with their true identity, step into their own space, own their life, say 'No' to things that don't serve them, know what they want and go out and make it happen by becoming more assertive, through her signature programme, Woman Up.Jodie is also co-founder of Ladies Life Lounge - an online members club for women who want more. Ladies Life Lounge is all about turning the notion of “pretty” on its head, so women can be known for the value and contribution they make, not just what they look like. Designed to bring like-minded women together to make changes to the way they live and the things they do in order to make for a more happy and fulfilling life that actually gets lived to the full!https://www.ladieslifelounge.com/author/jodes/https://www.facebook.com/ladieslifeloungehttps://www.instagram.com/ladieslifelounge/
Jul 9 2021
32 mins
Positive Psychology for Unstoppable Success  - with Niyc Pidgeon
Known as 'The Girl Who Made Elon Musk Cry',  Niyc Pidgeon is a world renowned speaker,  leader and global success coach who supports coaches to grow 6 & 7-figure Coaching Businesses Online. Her clients have generated over $22 million dollars in the last five years.Niyc is a best selling Hay House author, award winning positive psychologist, twice certified high performance coach and investor. She is founder of the multi million dollar brand Unstoppable Success, creator of The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification and her mission is to help millions of people change their lives through positive psychology and entrepreneurship.Telling her story to help others is part of her mission and in this intimate and open podcast, Niyc tallks about how she has been able to use positive psychology from a very young age and how this has empowered her to thrive. She talks on this podcast about the science behind meditation, how it can be used in so many ways for focus and how to incorporate gratitude in daily, powerful ways.Niyc is a highly successful, very genuine and down to earth person who clearly commits to everything she does and always has unshakeable belief in what can be achieved. She didn't always have an interest in psychology and as a girl growing up in Newcastle, UK, she studied maths and physics and had planned a very different career!  And life wasn't always the way it is now... adversity is something she has faced several times- and overcome.  At school, she was badly bullied which led her to attempt to take her own life. She was also raped and has tragically lost 3 close friends to suicide. These traumatic events are highly challenging in so many ways  - how did she use her own tools in positive psychology to overcome these  to be happier and more unstoppable than ever before? Why do some humans quit after adversity but others thrive and go on to high performance?What is it that makes the difference? Listen in for a refreshingly honest insight to success alongside practical tips. This podcast will inspire you to never give up on your dreams!"If you haven't read her book you have to read it - life transforming! And if you have the chance to work with her directly - get involved, because she is one of those leaders in our industry who is truly truly helping people transform the quality of their lives." - Brendon Burchard.https://www.niycpidgeon.comhttps://www.facebook.com/niycpidgeonhttps://www.instagram.com/niycpidge/https://unstoppable-success-accelerator1.teachable.com/courseshttps://unstoppablesuccesspodcast.com/Positive Psychology Bundle with my frequency of joy meditation, productivity & positivity planner, and other helpful tools for FREE here >> https://bit.ly/3pwMSDPTake the Quiz! Discover your Coaching Business Archetype and what's blocking you  https://bit.ly/3rcjlAa
Jun 22 2021
53 mins
Keeping your Business Success Simple - with Croz CrossleyRapid Transformations for Midlife & Menopause - with Sally GarozzoElevate your Business using Numerology - with Jo SoleyHeal your Trauma to achieve Freedom and Success  - with Janine WirthCareer Re-Invention with Berta MasoInside these Walls - The Impact of the third Pandemic  Wave  - Joydeep Ghoshdastidar
Mar 15 2021
54 mins
Successful Loving Relationships start with You  - John KennyBuilding a Successful Wellness Business  - Kirsty KianifardCrafting your Authentic Brand Story for Success  - Celinne Da Costa
Celinne da Costa is a Brand Story and Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner and Certified in Life, Motivational and Emotional Intelligence. Born in Rome to a Brazilian mother and Italian father, she travelled from there across the USA  and all around the world to her current home in Bali. She describes herself as a' child of the world' and her passion is for travel and freedom.Celinne has built an incredibly successful global business and she talks  about creating influence, impact and income through the power of  storytelling. She helps her clients to beome confident, courageous leaders and to move their audience through their story. But how do you begin to craft your truth into a compelling brand story that builds your business and aligns with who you really are?In this candid podcast, she tells her own story with an open heart of her journey that began with a vision of freedom and a social experiment to travel the world  'couch surfing'. Through this she learnt the power of connection through story as she connected with all kinds of different people.From here, she grew a super successful business but  a coach, businesswoman and human she knew she needed to set herself free from some of her own blocks and she set about recreating herself and diving deeper into changework. Through this, she discovered  how to really help others to fully tell their story and overcome their blocks to success.Why do we not tell our stories? Why are we holding back? What is it that stops us? Then many things start to come up and block the flow of this. The fear of rejection,  the fear of ridicule and so many other blocks are  all patterns from the subconscious, usually developed in childhood. Celinne explains why this is a problem in creating your story and how she incorporates powerful  breathwork techniques into her coaching to enable entrepreneurs to release and overcome the limiting patterns of self-sabotage and to finally create the greatest story - The Story of You - and then how to harness that for true, authentic success in your business and life.
Feb 12 2021
39 mins
Sarah Negus - Why your Energy is so Powerful in Business