In Pursuit Of Bruce Wilson | Hosted by Shiraz Siddique

In Pursuit Of

Oct 18 2023 • 23 mins

In Pursuit Of…” Celebrates those who are leaning into their faith to accomplish outcomes beyond their own ability. We highlight the passion of purpose-driven people who are challenging the boundaries of what is possible, because they believe their pursuit has present and eternal value. We draw out clear takeaways for the audience to apply in their own pursuits while motivating listeners to explore more of what God has deposited into their core. Visit the website :

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About Shiraz


Rallying a core group, Shiraz Siddique founded Christian Business Harvest Network to grow the Competence and Confidence of Business Professionals to fulfill their God-given capacities. His motivating and inspirational style nurtures the type of faith that propels people towards a Passionate Pursuit of Purpose. Through practical Business Skillset development, CBHN endeavors to build a Christian Mindset towards harvesting the fulness of the seed God had deposited in our DNA. As a Pastor, John Maxwell Certified Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, Shiraz helps people illuminate a path for possession of the promises God has for us. Shiraz completed his Masters of Theology from Tyndale Seminary and is a guest preacher at many Churches. The concept of a Successful Judgement Day drives Shiraz to help as many as possible run their race in a way to win it!

About Well Done Book


Our existence was meant for more than just living a good life or ‘the good life’. That’s why Well Done goes a little deeper than the typical spiritual self-improvement, motivational or self-help book. It’s about ensuring we are pleasing God and learning to be spirit-led instead, making our purpose a central part of a life is worth living. Finding your calling is an extra shot of faith motivation for every Christian to surrender the unnecessary and find a path to pick up the necessary perspective of eternal purpose! If you sense God’s timing in aligning your daily pursuits, then Well Done will send you in the direction of your amazing and awesome God-given Destiny!

You can buy the book from :

About Bruce Wilson


Bruse seven years with Redeemer builds upon a career of post-secondary, career involvement which, in turn, built upon various, linked careers in industry and software. I'm married, with two grown children and very active in my church life as well as my community.

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