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In Pursuit Of

Nov 22 2023 • 26 mins

"Welcome to 'In Pursuit Of...' - Your Gateway to Faith-Driven Excellence and Purpose!

🌟 Join us on this empowering journey as we celebrate those who harness the power of faith to achieve remarkable outcomes that transcend human limitations. We shine a spotlight on the passion and determination of purpose-driven individuals who are pushing the boundaries of what's achievable. They firmly believe that their pursuit holds significance in both the present and the eternal.

🌟 Our mission is to extract valuable insights and takeaways that you, our cherished audience, can apply to your own quests. We aim to inspire you to delve deeper into the reservoir of potential that God has embedded within your very being.

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📜 About Shiraz Siddique: Meet the visionary leader behind 'In Pursuit Of' - Shiraz Siddique. As the founder of Christian Business Harvest Network (CBHN), he's on a mission to empower and equip business professionals with the competence and confidence to realize their God-given potential. Shiraz's motivational and inspirational style nurtures a faith that propels individuals toward a passionate pursuit of purpose. Through practical business skillset development, CBHN fosters a Christian mindset, helping you harvest the fullness of the divine seed woven into your DNA. As a Pastor, John Maxwell Certified Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur, Shiraz illuminates the path to seizing the promises God has in store for you. With a Masters of Theology from Tyndale Seminary, he shares his wisdom as a guest preacher at numerous churches. His ultimate goal? To help as many as possible run their race in a way that leads to victory!

📖 About 'Well Done' Book: Our existence is about more than just living 'the good life.' 'Well Done' takes you on a profound journey that goes beyond the usual spiritual self-improvement, motivation, or self-help literature. It's about pleasing God and learning to be led by the Spirit, making your purpose the core of a truly meaningful life. Discover your calling, gain an extra shot of faith motivation, and surrender the unnecessary to embrace the eternal perspective! If you feel God's timing aligning with your daily pursuits, 'Well Done' will guide you toward your amazing, God-given destiny.

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📜 About Tim Winders:

Tim Winders, a faith driven executive coach, author, and host of the SeekGoCreate podcast. With over 40 years of experience in leadership, business, and ministry, I am dedicated to helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners align their beliefs with their work and lead with purpose. I've been through the highs and lows of life, and I use my personal experiences to help my clients achieve their goals. I understand the struggles of financial hardship and redefining success, and I am here to help you navigate those challenges and create a life you love. As the host of the SeekGoCreate podcast, I share the stories of successful leaders and entrepreneurs and provide a glimpse into unique lifestyles like traveling and working remotely. I am here to help you redefine success, improve your performance, and achieve your goals. If you're a leader or business owner looking to align your beliefs with your work, redefine success and improve your performance, I am here to help you with my coaching, writing, and podcasting.

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