Episode 37 The Distributed Ledger and its Impact on Future Infrastructure

Tech Uncensored - An Altitude Accelerator Podcast

Nov 17 2023 • 30 mins

The value of the distributed ledger is baked into the promise of Web3, where equity, access and accountability occur within a shared governance and self-organizing ecosystem; and where creators can truly own what they produce and enable and control new value creation.

We’ve purposely left out the word, “Blockchain” in this title because it has become synonymous with Cryptocurrency. The value of the distributed ledger, in and of itself, creates an infrastructure that may not only increase access, but also mitigate some of the risks we see today.

The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected devices, gadgets and systems will bring the full power of the internet to society and business. International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that, in 2025, 75% of the 55.7 billion devices will link to an IoT platform of some sort. Though it’s ever-expanding and innovative, it’s not all-powerful. These billions of devices will need more security and efficiency.

Today, Generative AI and the mounting bias, manipulation, ownership and data privacy issues add a whole other dimension to how we manage systems as IoT, including the increasing computational load created by these technologies.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jacob Mendel, who is a seasoned veteran of Blockchain technology, having served as Managing Director of the Blockchain Institute, Tel Aviv University. He is currently Head of Digital Cryptography & Cybersecurity of State Street.

We explore the importance of distributed ledgers and why this is critical to the future infrastructure. We will define decentralized technology, how it may solve the problems of central authority, and how emerging AI technologies will adapt to a future in a distributed infrastructure.