Eat to Win with Tyler Gibson

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Jul 18 2022 • 15 mins

We’re kicking off a special mini-series of the show! Baptist Health serves as the team physicians for both the men’s and women's professional soccer teams here in Louisville, Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville. We’ll team up with members of each team for this special series we’re calling Like A Pro.

Today, we’re joined by Tyler Gibson. Tyler is a midfielder for Louisville City FC and is extremely passionate about nutrition and how it affects overall health and performance. To begin, he shares that nutrition has always been a huge part of his career. Little things like feeling sluggish, brain fog and acne led him to play around with his nutrition and eliminate different food groups as experimentation. Since he has made some big changes in the last two years, he has noticed a difference in how he feels and his overall energy levels.

Though he is on the smaller side, Tyler reveals that he actually eats more than anyone on the team. He is very habitual in the morning. First, he’ll have a glass of lemon water, then drink celery juice, then have a fruit smoothie. His favorite food is potatoes, and he shares that he eats them almost every day. He played around with being vegan, but now just tries to cut down on meat, dairy and gluten. He believes this has helped with his energy levels and not feeling tired after a meal. With carbs like potatoes, fruit and rice, he never feels sluggish on the field.

Tyler says that hydration is a key element for promoting recovery before and after a game. He finds that drinks like coconut water help him stay hydrated more than just drinking water. He finds it’s also important to replace the carbohydrates you have depleted. When he is hydrated and nourished, Tyler is less likely to cramp and notices he has much more energy to give to games and training.

Finally, Tyler participates in a lightning question round so that listeners can get to know him a little better. Hear about his guilty pleasure meal, which position he would most like to play, his favorite restaurant in Louisville and more!

Key Takeaways:

[0:49] Introduction to today’s guest, Tyler Gibson.

[1:30] Tyler’s personal approach to nutrition.

[3:33] Tyler’s nutritional habits

[6:03] Tyler’s thoughts surrounding carbs

[8:07] Tyler’s go-to snacks to boost recovery

[10:20] Difference in athletic ability depending on his nutrition

[12:21] Lightning round of questions

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