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In this podcast, author and professor Matthew Halsted helps listeners understand the Bible in light of its ancient cultural and literary context. These episodes dig deep into the world of Scripture, theology, interpretation, and religion. But don't worry: it's not all cerebral. Each episode comes with practical insights to help listeners walk away with something meaningful and applicable from a Christian worldview. Some episodes are standalone, while others are part of a longer series. Many episodes feature guests (e.g., authors and speakers) who offer their insights into a particular topic. read less

#2: Encountering Mystery - An interview with Dale C. Allison
Feb 20 2023
#2: Encountering Mystery - An interview with Dale C. Allison
In an age dominated by secularism and philosophical naturalism, the idea that people have supernatural experiences is often considered to be a relic of a bygone era. And yet, credible people still report such experiences. That's the subject of this episode, which features an interview with Dale C. Allison about his recent book, Encountering Mystery: Religious Experience in a Secular Age. In his book, Allison documents and discusses a range of religious experiences that people have reported -- including his own (which he shares in this interview). For students of the Bible, this topic is an important one to consider. The Bible is, after all, full of religious experiences. Allison's work on this subject will no doubt help modern people come to terms with a forgotten fact: There's more to reality than just physical reality.  About Dale C. Allison: Dale C. Allison, Jr. is the Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. He earned his MA and PhD from Duke University. His academic research and publications include the historical Jesus, the Gospel of Matthew, Second Temple Judaism, and the history of the interpretation and application of biblical texts. Read more here: Amazon page for Encountering Mystery: +++ If you like this podcast, please consider subscribing and sharing with others.