Learning to Code with Carson and Matthew

EdTech Adventures

May 30 2023 • 29 mins

What’s the teacher student relationship like when someone’s learning how to code? In today’s episode, Matthew and Carson discuss their experiences working together when learning how to code. Matthew is a student in CodeCombat’s Live Online Classes, where he receives personalized one-on-one education through structured coding curriculum. As an Instructor with CodeCombat’s Live Online Classes, Carson has worked closely with Matthew for more than three years.

Matthew and Carson share how they first began working together in online classes and some of the challenges and growth since then. Matthew describes competing in the CodeCombat AI League, which is a uniquely competitive AI battle simulator and game engine for learning to code in Python and JavaScript. Matthew was one of the winners of the AI League's 6th season with the Lava Lake Clash arena. He shares his process of visually drawing his ideas for competitive coding strategies and iterating on them, adding:

“My favorite part of learning how to code on CodeCombat was basically being able to learn in the levels and then show my skills in the tournaments, in the AI Leagues.” - Matthew

In conclusion, Matthew shares his advice for someone who wants to learn how to code and Carson discusses what he would say to someone who’s interested in being a coding instructor. They both acknowledge the ways in which they have taught each other, whether about coding or about life!

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