Creative Coding with Illestpreacha

EdTech Adventures

May 16 2023 • 29 mins

Creative coding utilizes code and programming as a form of creative expression. Coding can be your art toolkit, creating works of art like visual art, interactive games or films, immersive experiences, and data visualizations. There is no limit to what can be expressed with code!

In this episode, Kofi Oduro (Illestpreacha) describes his experiences as a creative coder, merging artistic expression with programming. Learning about musical coding and audio visual coding inspired Illestpreacha to challenge himself by making abstract short films and asking the question: “Can you let the code tell a story?” In this conversation, Illestpreacha shares some examples of what creative coding could look like in a classroom and also relevant events like the Abstract Art in Motion world event Punto Y Raya Festival. Live coding is a form of creative coding as performance art in which a coder programs in real-time, using sound, imagery, and lights, for example, to create an experience. Illestpreacha created Dip in Code: Kitchen of Hues, an audiovisual experience that explores the concept of “Hearing Colour, Seeing Sound” and allows the audience the opportunity to take part in an immersive culinary experience. Coding with food, coding, with poetry, incorporating indigenous languages into a programming language…these are all examples of ways that we can be creative with code!

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About Our Guest

Kofi Oduro (Illestpreacha) is an Experiential Storyteller who transforms data, words, and code into experiences that nurture discussion, reflection, and interaction. With a decade plus of performance, event, and audiovisual production, he takes inspiration from endeavors that are not normally connected to create a harmonic experience for audiences.