Literacy and Technology with Matthew Mugo Fields

EdTech Adventures

Jun 27 2023 • 25 mins

In today’s technology landscape, how can we build tools that help students master their literacy skills? Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It is using reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in understanding and communicating with the world around us. In this episode, Matthew Mugo Fields, President of Heinemann, explains how he has used innovative EdTech techniques to support literacy and learning.

As an educator, entrepreneur, and executive, Matthew Mugo Fields is committed to improving learning through technology and innovation and has devoted his career to transforming education to ensure that academic success is attainable for students of all backgrounds. In this conversation, Matthew addresses some of the key friction points for students when they’re learning how to read and the benefits of technology in a students’ reading journey and in the classroom. He discusses the current landscape of literacy and how it’s impacted initiatives at Heinemann, like the Heinemann Flight platform and the release of the new Units of Study. Additionally, he shares his thoughts on the future of literacy and technology and his advice for someone interested in exploring literacy and technology.

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About Our Guest

Matthew Mugo Fields is President of Heinemann. Prior to Heinemann, Matthew founded education startups – Redbird Advanced Learning, a personalized learning company (later acquired by McGraw-Hill) that developed AI-driven curriculum and professional learning programs; and Rocket Learning, a national provider of in-school tutoring services. He holds dual master’s degrees in business and education from Harvard University and is an honors graduate of Morehouse College. Matthew is the founder and board chair of Innovation For Equity, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving outcomes for Black learners of all ages.