Data Equity with Christine Reich

EdTech Adventures

Sep 5 2023 • 32 mins

“EdTech has this great potential if we design for inclusion of mind, if we involve users of diverse backgrounds in what we develop to create more equitable learning experiences.” - Christine Reich

An important part of data equity is making sure that you have the data that you need to make equity-based decisions and to think about the design of the learning experience from a universal design standpoint at the very beginning of a project. Furthermore, formative evaluation and the inclusion of diverse audiences during development is essential. In this episode, Christine Reich discusses the evaluation strategies she’s used and how they’ve helped her bring more equity to data science.

Christine shares strategies and learnings from years of developing universally designed exhibits. One of her recent projects while at the Museum of Science was “Mission: Mars,” a Roblox gaming experience based on real NASA data that tasks students with designing and building a rover to explore and survive on Mars. The development team wanted the game to be inclusive of people with disabilities and partnered with AbleGamers for expert feedback on ways to make the game better for gamers with disabilities. Christine also discusses how formative evaluation and the inclusion of diverse audiences in development is essential in order to achieve end results like greater participation in STEM. Furthermore, she shares the importance of culturally responsive evaluation practices around data equity and recommends resources like those from the American Evaluation Association.

Today, Christine serves as Chief Executive Officer and Senior Research Officer at Knology, a non-profit research organization whose mission is to produce practical social science for a better world. She also teaches at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she leads a course in which students evaluate real-world projects and collaborate with for-profit and non-profit organizations to improve educational programs and products.

“It's not just about who's included in the data set but how we actually think about the collection of data and making sure that those practices are ones that are honoring and respecting the diversity of lived experiences that exist in our society.” - Christine Reich

Recommended Resources from the Interview

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About Our Guest

Christine Reich is an educator, social science researcher, and former museum executive who has moved fluidly between research and practice throughout her career. As Knology’s CEO and Senior Research Officer, she is responsible for directing the organization’s research agenda and the transdisciplinary team of researchers who work collaboratively to develop new insights into the complex social challenges of our times. Prior to Knology, Christine worked at the Boston Museum of Science for over 25 years, serving in a variety of leadership positions, including the Founding Director of the Museum’s Research and Evaluation department (one of the largest of its kind in the world), and most recently, as the Jane and Payson Swaffield Chief Learning Officer. In addition, Dr. Reich is an Adjunct Lecturer for Education in the learning design, innovation, and technology program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.