Data Privacy with Jen Langdon

EdTech Adventures

Apr 18 2023 • 37 mins

Data privacy is the process of protecting data from unauthorized access or use and can help protect against cyber-attacks, data theft, and other malicious activities. In this episode, Jen Langdon, Education Program Coordinator at the National Cryptologic Foundation, discusses the topic of data privacy and how to introduce this concept to students. Jen describes how a passion for educating others led her to a career in teaching and how she became fascinated with cybersecurity through a podcast. In her current role at the National Cryptologic Foundation, Jen hosts the #CyberChats Podcast which features conversations with industry professionals in the fields of cyber security, information security, and technology and focuses on providing practical advice and sharing stories from experts in the field in order to help listeners understand and apply their knowledge to the ever-evolving world of cyber security.

In this conversation, Jen also dives into the strategies that bad actors and social engineers can use and the importance of empowering students to know what to do next if they experience a cyber attack. Jen describes how you can use games and authentic conversations to teach cybersecurity concepts like data privacy. For example, the cybersecurity-themed game Amanita Whitehat and the Curious Case of the Compromised Computers is based on the booklet included in the NCF’s Outsmart Cyberthreats Collection and uses real-world scenarios to help others and fight against cyber attacks. Ultimately, Jen encourages listeners wanting to get started in data privacy education to educate themselves on the variety of topics by listening to a podcast, playing a cybersecurity-themed game, taking a class in computer security and penetration testing, and attending a cyber conference.

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About Our Guest

Jen Langdon is a former 6-year middle school science teacher with a Master’s of Arts in Curriculum and Educational Technology. While listening to a podcast, she heard about cybersecurity and decided to pursue an Associate’s degree in Information Assurance. Now, she works for the National Cryptologic Foundation and hosts the #CyberChats Podcast to spread data and cyber career awareness to youth.