What Would Amber Do?

Amber Howard

About a decade ago I went out for lunch with a co-worker who was dealing with a challenge, I offered some guidance, and she said that I always gave the best advice, I should get bumper stickers made "What Would Amber Do?" and hence the seed was planted for this show. I have spent 20 years working in both corporate and not-for-profit companies and have built incredible relationships with amazing people. In 2017 I took the leap and left my corporate job, starting my own entrepreneurial journey and now I have the privilege of supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs in meeting their goals and objectives, through Amber Howard & Associates. I have created this platform for two reasons, one to showcase and provide opportunities for the amazing leaders to share their stories and commitments with others, and to provide you with guidance, inspiration and strategies to have your whole lives thrive. If you are looking to level up any area of your life, you will find inspiration and guidance listening to these conversations! Come dance in conversation with us!If you are interested in being a guest on the show please reach out at info@amberhowardinc.com

Episode 76 - I Love Monday's with George AnastasopoulosEpisode 75 - Building Bridges with Michelle MehtaEpisode 74 - Activating Your Creativity with Sandy Parker
Apr 6 2022
45 mins
Episode 73 - Love of Aging with Candace Shivers, Gail Elen and Liz Dietz
Join me for this week's episode of What Would Amber Do? This week I am so honoured to have on the show an incredible trio of leaders Candace Shivers, Gail Elen and Liz Dietz!  Candace and Liz with their dear friend Maureen Charles are the co-founders of Love of Aging, and Gail is the proudest ambassador of the powerful movement to create a whole new paradigm for aging. Each of these woman have reinvented themselves countless times and are the most vibrant of examples of what becomes available when we redefine the outdated narratives that have governed our lives in the past. These ladies are out to create a world where older adults love their lives and are valued, empowered, and engaged ‘til the end. Older age is seen by people of all generations as a celebration of cumulative wisdom, life experiences, and the freedom to go for it. Join us as we discuss:- Their journey to create the Love of Aging movement- Sisterhood- Going for it in life- The old narrative of "Being over the hill"- The importance of having a purpose - discovering your Ikigai- Being deep in new territory- Cultural norms for aging- What if life actually begins at 70- Their platform- Importance of attitude in aging- "Aging is cool, everybody is doing it!"Join us for this passionate, empowering, and inspirational conversation.     Connect with Candace, Gail, and Liz here:  Company: Love of AgingWebsite: www.loveofaging.comCandace Email: candaceshivers@loveofaging.com Gail Email: gelen@akingump.comLiz Email: Lizdietz@loveofaging.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveofaging
Mar 23 2022
43 mins
Episode 72 - Grieving Joyfully with Deb RosmanEpisode 71 - Living Your Legacy with Jan SchiffnerEpisode 69 - Facilitating Leadership with Kirk FoxEpisode 68 - Caring for the Whole Self with Sandy LudwigEpisode 67 - Elevating our Consciousness with Monica WardEpsiode 66 - Finding Your Voice with Denise MabeeEpisode 65 - Reconnecting with Self with Sara M RudaEpisode 64 - Causing the Miraculous with Janette O'Neil BurnsEpisode 63 - Strategic Solutions with Andie MonetEpisode 62 - Building Bridges with Halima MohammaduEpisode 61 - Co-Creating with Life with Sophia TadeEpisode 60 - Profiting Humanely with Paula MendoncaEpisode 59 - Discovering Spirtuality Newly with Gaby PumaEpisode 58 - Loving Leadership with Tina Bakehouse and Mitch GrayEpisode 57 - Advancing Equality and Eradicating Poverty with Heather Shapter
Join me for this week's episode of What Would Amber Do? This is the first episode inside the new focus of the show. Going forward I will be interviewing leaders out to make a difference for all human beings. It is really my profound pleasure to have Heather Shapter as my first guest on the show inside this new lens.   Heather is an International Development Executive with decades of experience on 5 continents, leading change in some of the world's most respected International NGO's and foundations. Heather is currently the Executive Director of Crossroads International, a leading Canadian volunteer cooperation agency advancing equality for woman and girls and eradicating poverty in some of the world's poorest countries in Africa.        Join us as we discuss:      - Her incredible journey today, including the roots of her service and leadership - Why eradicating poverty matters so much to her - Empowering woman's leadership - The existing network of conversations around woman, girls, and ending poverty - Gender equality - The importance of celebrating our progress - Partnership with all genders - Her tips for staying empowered in the face of what could occur as an insurmountable task      Join us for this thought provoking, empowering, and inspirational conversation.     Connect with  Heather and her team at: Company name: Crossroads InternationalEmail: info@cintl.orgWebiste: www.cintl.orgFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CanadianCrossroads/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crossroadsinternational/Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrossroadsIntlLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crossroads-international/You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXX-bIXHqxbw5yhcr4ZbOA
Nov 24 2021
44 mins
Episode 56 - Facilitating Greatness with Amber Howard
Join me for this week's episode of What Would Amber Do? You are in for a special treat this week as we changed things up on the show!!!  In this episode Halima M, interviews ME! I have never done this before, and it seemed like a great opportunity to share with you all what's coming up next for me and what's on my mind! What would Amber do? Be interviewed on her own podcast! Can't wait to connect with you on the other side and get your thoughts. Halima M. aka Mazaajiya, my awesome interviewer (and guest in December, stay tuned)  is a  writer, Affiliate Marketer and Digital Community Lead focused on tech development and Bitcoin. She also co-founded Oromos in Tech, a tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem for Oromos globally, and moderates Womxn in Crypto, a chapter of Womxn in Business Clubhouse, the 6th largest club on the platform.  A couple of passion projects alongside Bitcoin which Mazaajiya is involved with are Afrobiz.ca and Hotep Nation for building sovereignty and sustainability for the underserved communities.      Join us as we discuss:    - Upcoming changes on the podcast- The new direction and focus in my business- Niching down and getting clarity around who you are serving- The importance of love, connection, belonging and acceptance- My thoughts on relations between men and woman and what's emerging - What could become possible inside new networks of conversations about and between  men and women- A brand new popup podcast I will be co-hosting in 2022- Geeking out about Marvel's new movie Eternals.....and so much more!    Join us for this fun, exciting, and empowering conversation.     Connect with  Mazaajiya's communities and socials here :  Instagram : @Oromosintech Twitter : https://twitter.com/mazaajiyaLinkedIn : https://linkedin.com/in/mhalimaBitclout : https://bitclout.com/u/millennialfuturistsWebsite : https://b.tc/conference [Use MILL10 for 10% off tickets to Bitcoin 2022]Connect with Amber at:     Website: amberhowardinc.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/amberhowardincFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/leadersforlifealwaysInstagram: @amberhowardincTwitter: @amberhowardincLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amberlhoward/Email: info@amberhowardinc.comBook Page: https://www.amazon.com/Amber-Howard/e/B09KWVJFRZ?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000
Nov 10 2021
37 mins