Episode 102 - Turning Trauma into Triumph with Navi Bliss

Conversations That Matter

Dec 14 2023 • 40 mins

Picture yourself in the shoes of a person who has endured a lifetime of abuse. How would you find self-worth and love in the midst of such circumstances? Navi Bliss, our guest for today's episode, has walked this path and bravely shares her experiences of healing from abuse and finding love not from external factors - but within herself. A love and confidence coach, Navi opens up about her journey, from surviving a challenging upbringing and abusive relationships to undertaking therapy and coaching that led her to realize her worth and purpose.

We dig into how profound self-love impacts relationships and the dangers of seeking validation externally. Reflecting on personal experiences, we discuss the power of self-esteem, the challenge of setting boundaries, and the importance of autonomy within relationships. But relationships aren't just about companionship - they're also about healing and growth. We share experiences about how relationships can trigger past wounds and how self-work, setting intentions, and tapping into feelings can help attract partners who align with our values.

As we bid goodbye to the year and welcome a new one, we talk about setting intentions and reflecting on personal growth. Navi and I share experiences with selecting a word for the year and how it has influenced our journeys. We also express our enthusiasm for our upcoming projects, which include a book on overcoming personal trauma to find bliss. Wrapping up, Navi imparts her wisdom on personal growth, alignment, and leading a life that mirrors one's values. This emotionally charged, enlightening episode is one that you'll not want to miss!

Connect with Navi at the following links:

Company: Navi Bliss Coaching
Website: www.naviblisscoaching.com
Email:  navi@naviblisscoaching.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/navibliss
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/navi.bliss.5
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/navi-bliss-6ba254265
Book: www.naviblisscoaching.com

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