Episode 99 - Living on Your Own Terms with Helen Jackson

Conversations That Matter

Nov 20 2023 • 45 mins

Meet Helen Jackson, a woman who has truly designed her life. From England to Panama, her journey is fraught with unconventional choices and fascinating experiences, ditching traditional success metrics for a life in the present moment. Step inside her world as we discuss the pitfalls of defining oneself by accomplishments, the pressure to conform, and the importance of exploration in life.

Ever felt that you don't belong? We get personal as we share our experiences of being 'different' and how it led us to embrace exploration and let go of societal expectations. From living on a boat in Panama to accepting unexpected opportunities, our stories illuminate the power of saying 'yes'. In an era where health issues are prevalent, we also touch upon the importance of self-care and setting boundaries, hoping to inspire listeners to prioritize their well-being.

Lastly, we delve into the deep waters of acceptance and self-reflection. Imagine an ocean wave - we can't control it, but we can choose how to respond to it. That's life! We discuss the importance of acceptance in relationships, how it fosters deeper understanding and love for others, and how it influences our sense of self. Wrapping up with Helen's inspiring commitment to acceptance and love, we underscore the power of creating a life based on your desires; a life by design. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and likely, alter your perspective on life.

Connect with Helen at helenhackney@hotmail.com.

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