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Want to be published in 2021?
Nov 10 2020
Want to be published in 2021?
Want to be published in 2021 - in the Bare Books Indie Flash Fiction Anthology? As regular listeners will know, Bare Books Podcast introduces indie authors to their readers.  It’s all about the writing. We love that we get to amplify and highlight Indie authors and their work. We meet and talk to authors that paint their written words a very different colour through conversation. And as wonderful as all this is, and it is.. we want to do more.  So April and I got our heads together and made it so… Starting in January, a new competition for a new year lets try and keep those writing resolutions for 2021. Bare Books Podcast presents Indie Flash Fiction. It’s a fortnightly flash fiction writing competition, of between 500 and 1000 words, not one word longer, based on our writing prompts We will give out the writing prompts and their deadlines in a moment, so be ready with your pen and paper. It’s free to enter. The winners will have their story recorded and broadcast on the podcast in full. Either narrated by yourself if you’re brave enough, or by either April or Myself, it’s your choice.  We will publish a link to any of your author information in the show notes. We will also include the winners in a Bare Books Indie Flash Fiction Anthology to be published later in 2021. Really looking forward to seeing you all in print there.  January Sales - deadline 30/12/20Just sick of it - deadline 13/01/21It’s complicated - deadline 27/01/21Come on, open the door - deadline 10/02/21Locked - deadline 24/02/21Never thought I’d curse the day - deadline 10/03/21Why are you blushing? - deadline 24/03/21Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal - deadline 07/04/21Under the bed - deadline 21/04/21