Destiny Rescue: Finding Freedom in the Love of Jesus, with Cory Nickols – EM267

Engaging Missions

Sep 4 2019 • 43 mins

It can be hard to believe that slavery is still real. Listen as Cory Nickols shares not only the reality of slavery right now, but also how God, through Destiny Rescue, is setting people free from slavery.

Child Sponsorship:

From the Red Sea to the resurrection, God is the One who sets people free. Cory Nickols joins in God’s freedom work by rescuing children from trafficking around the world. He works for Destiny Rescue, an organization in Thailand and Cambodia. The group rescues about 5 kids a day from sex slavery and helps the children find healing in Jesus.

Cory has been working with Destiny Rescue for seven years. He writes, speaks, and shares testimonies about what God is doing through the organization. He believes that God has rescued us so that we can rescue others.

What We Talked About

God has rescued us so that we can be rescuers of others. - @corynickols
  • 00:24 - Episode Introduction
  • 01:28 - Sponsor a Child with Love Never Fails International
  • 02:28 - Introducing Cory Nickols
  • 03:12 - Working to rescue others
  • 05:04 - What led you to this passion?
  • 18:58 - Seeing the eyes of freedom
  • 20:28 - God’s heart for children
  • 23:00 - Building trust with rescued kids
  • 24:54 - The size of the task
  • 26:28 - Revealing God’s glory to people
  • 28:45 - Stories of transformation
  • 34:00 - Wanting to rescue them all
  • 35:36 - Ways to be involved
  • 39:16 - How can we best pray for you?
  • 41:34 - Episode Summary

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