Small Shrimp + Big Faith in Honduras, with Jeremy Wainwright – EM278

Engaging Missions

Mar 10 2021 • 41 mins

Isn't it just like God to use something seemingly small, like shrimp, to make a MASSIVE impact in the Kingdom?

It might seem like Jeremy Wainwright just suddenly decided to make a change, but really, God was working in his heart long before his friend said, "Would you like to go to Honduras?"

It didn't take him long to decide that this was the opportunity God was giving him and that trip changed EVERYTHING. Now Jeremy has started Shrimp Matters and is actively working with partners in the United States as well as Honduras to bring sustainable shrimp farming to communities.

His work, despite the challenges of COVID-19, is making a difference, and he believes that God has more!

It was exciting to talk with Jeremy and I believe you'll be as encouraged as I was.

Listen to Discover

  • When God started working on Jeremy's heart
  • How key relationships have helped Jeremy along the way
  • The power of waiting patiently, trusting that God is moving
  • How Jeremy has grown as a Believer and as a leader
  • What impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on their shrimp farm
  • Jeremy's heart for ministry led by the local Church
  • What a small payment, a $100 bill, and shrimp have to do with the Kingdom
  • And much, much more

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