When Offerings Have a Face: How to Love the Poor, with Keith Giles – EM269

Engaging Missions

Oct 2 2019 • 49 mins

The call of Jesus is always more radical than we would like to think. One of His calls throughout the Gospels is to take care of the poor. Keith Giles felt God leading him to serve those in need by starting a house church that gave 100 percent of its offerings to them. For 11 years, Keith has been working in house churches.

On this episode, Keith shares about the beauty and chaos that comes with house churches. He also talks about realizing full-time ministry can happen in motels and grocery stores, not just church buildings. During the show, he gives many stories of God’s work with those in need. Keith reminds us that Jesus has called us to love our neighbor, especially the poor.

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What We Talked About

  • 00:24- Episode Introduction
  • 01:26 - Our Sponsor: Love Never Fails International
  • 02:34 - Welcoming Keith Giles
  • 03:12 - Mutual connections
  • 03:35 - From vocational ministry to a house church
  • 05:58 - A call to care for the poor
  • 11:15 - How to bring life to those in need
  • 14:48 - Seeing who the offering goes to
  • 17:01 - The great reversal
  • 19:23 - An experience of transformation
  • 22:54 - What is required to partner with the poor?
  • 24:57 - Does it ever get messy?
  • 26:34 - How do you keep Jesus at the center?
  • 32:01 - Bringing reconciliation of differences
  • 34:20 - Separating relationship with people
  • 38:18 - A place to start reading
  • 39:22 - How can we best pray for you?
  • 41:16 - Final thoughts
  • 42:00 - Episode Summary
  • 43:41 - Bonus

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