The Mama Marketer Podcast


Welcome to The Mama Marketer Podcast! Join me for "Friday Friendsday" where each week I will sit down and chat with one of my friends, or just chat with you!

#36 - Part Pastor, Part CSI, All My Cousin Serina!#35 - From Marine Corp to Paralegal with my cousin Angela!#34 - Blog Chat: Demons In The Bible & My Mental Health | Also my thoughts on CJ Lofton.#33 - Janet Jackson & Alec Baldwin (Hulu Docs)#32 - County Politics, State Politics, & National Media#31 - Interview with Ashley from Abedini Social & ICT Broke Girls#30 - Interview with Morgan from Joy In Hope Ministry#29 - “Never A Dull Moment” with Mark from M&M Sharpening Services#28 - Interview with Leia LeMaster Horton of Horton Test Prep#27 - Blog Chat: Filter of No & Being a Multi-passionate#26 - True Crime & In The Heights with my sister Rebecca#25 - Get Physically & Financially Fit with my friend Corey#24 - LPNH: A Cautionary Tale#23 - Meet David from Wichita Podcast#22 - Blog Chat | 1 Year Later: What Quarantine Taught Me#21 - “Master The Mundane” with Tanner from Secrets To Family#20 - Introducing Manna Coffee Company with my friends Kenna & Matthew#19 - Entrepreneurial Mindset with my mother in law & friend Jodi#18 - “Do Something That Fuels You” with my friend Nicole#17 - “Do The Scary Thing” with my friend Danielle